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Lightweight 6 Pot Tray Side Tray

The MAST6P Lightweight 6 Pot Side Tray is just the right size to hold 6 square bait pots. Built onto a strong and rigid 40mm x 30mm box section aluminium arm, this tray easily clamps to any 25mm leg. The strength of the arm means you can use this on small platforms without a support leg. Its also perfect for anglers who have to walk a way to their peg as it weighs in at only 800 grams!

The mesh tray is firmly riveted onto the arm for strength and the 2.5mm mesh surface allows water and dust through but not your larger tackle items. At 52cm by 33cm the large tray surface can accommodate a mountain of bait or accessories, and a small lip all around the edge of the tray ensures nothing slides of easily, giving you peace of mind if you are set up over the water, or on a platform edge.

Ideal for packing into your stink bag, this lightweight tray is easy to transport to the peg. Built in the UK to the Matchbox ethos of super light but super strong, this is an ideal tray for shorter matches or pleasure sessions.

If you need a bigger bait tray, take a look at our Folding Double Side Tray